Herb Discovery collects science for health.
1. Herb Discovery collects scientific research reports (by Doctors) that report certain herbs work better and safer than drugs.  2. We let the science tell the facts. 3. The science counters those who discredit the safety and effectiveness of herbs.   4. It is our goal to collect reports with the best treatments (TRUTH). 5. Doctors are forced by the medical industry to use the most profitable, not what may be best. 6. This is enforced by powerful drug and food companies who use lobbyists and nefarious methods to control the FDA, AMA, Congress, Goverment agencies such as the FTC and others, Hospitals, HMO’s and Foundations to increase their profits at our health expense. 7. Research foundations have and know of herbs that will cure and treat diseases better than drugs, yet they keep collecting money to research new drugs and hide the truth so they can continue to make exorbitant profits. (For example a herb that kills Breast and Prostrate cancer 100 million times better than the leading chemo without side effects is not being approved by the FDA and is being hidden.) source  8. Drugs prescribed by doctors are the number one cause of deaths in the US. sources: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/factsheets/factsheet_drug_poisoning.htm  http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/05/07/death-by-prescription-drugs-is-a-growing-problem/   http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/18/health/drug-overdose-deaths-2014/

9. Herbs do not have these kinds of statistics, yet doctors continue to call them bad as they prescribe drugs instead of what is safest and work the best. 10. The medical industry prosecutes doctors if they become known to successfully treat people with herbs. 11. There is a growing number of people who are demanding treatments without toxic drugs. 12.  In the US we have the most modern and best procedures for health, yet some report our diseases are rising above third world countries. 13. With Government oversight and FDA approval food companies are allowed to put toxic additives including excito toxins of MSG, Aspartame and all synthetic sweeteners in our foods and Congress passed the “Cheeseburger law” prohibiting us to sue for damages. 14.  We did not start out to discover anything bad, however after collecting and reading thousands of scientific reports all the facts stated above became blatantly evident.   15.  Another blaring fact became evident and that is that many scientific reports refereed to a chemical process called KappaB (NF-KB) that cause disease.  Few front line doctors know anything about it.  Some doctors use terms such as auto-immune disease, metabolic mayhem, self-destruction, or we don’t know why you are sick. Yet every nutritionist and alternative healer know it as free radicles which is oxidative stress often caused by toxins in our food, air and water.  Free radicals cause extra molecules to thicken the cell walls in our body reducing blood and nutrition to the cell, trash being expelled through the lymph system, cell to cell communication obesity and dangerous clogging of the sodium potassium pumps. Scientist cannot determine how many of these pumps we have but many speculate every cell contains up to a million. Their job is to generate electricity to operate the body.history of disease since WWII

The medical approach is to give us drugs that deaden our pain instead of removing free radicals. For example, if the heart or brain are not functioning properly it could be due to low electricity and that is why drug chemicals often do not work or cause harm. Free radicals do not cause DNA and all diseases however KappaB will be present in almost every disease, suggesting foods, herbs and toxins have an important influence in our health. 16.  Some believe nutrition and herbal treatments are the only aspects of health. Others believe the mind and thoughts are 100% responsible for health. They both have effects on health and several of the reports we have collected include scientific research on the power of the mind. The examples in Dr. Emoto’s pictures below suggest that any negative or positive thing changes the chemistry of water. Our bodies contain close to 80% water, thus every food or thought affects our health.Dr Emoto water pictures

17. Most in the medical industry are good caring people who want to help. This site is not against all drugs or medical practices, it provides information so you can make a more informed decision about your health with the opinion that if there is an herb that will work better and safer than a drug we should consider it. Likewise, some herbs and dosage of herbs are harmful, in fact the suppliment industry is also motivated by profits. Many people think if an herb is good than more of it should be better. That is a very dangerous asumption that causes harm. Use wisdom and educate yourself. I am an insulin dependent diabetic and to stop insulin with the hope an herb will replace it would be foolish, yet I continue to research to find a way to heal or improve my diabetes with nutrition.

I hope this site will give you not only unbiased truth but a resource about nutrition and health so you can make informed decisions. There are hundreds of sites about herbs making all kinds of claims, here we use only science and let it tell the facts.

Joe Holmes author and researcherJoe Holmes author researcher

Joe Holmes author researcher




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